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    SHOUJU Industrial Ltd has been established in Hong Kong Since 1987. We always focus on the world's top-class research and development of precision plastic injection mold design and manufacturing. We dedicate to become a "world-class service provider of injection mold." In this 20-odd years, SHOUJU with the times and continues to make breakthrough in new products and new technologies.
    All our molds export to the United States, Britain, Switzerland, France, Germany and many other western countries. With our excellent technologies, quality and services, SHOUJU has won the trust and long-term cooperation of customers around the world.
    SHOUJU precision mold services provided molds for Avon, Mary Kay, Electrolux, BBA and other world-class well-known brands of products.
    SHOUJU automotive molds worked for Volkswagen, General Motors, Ford, Volvo, Nissan, Buick and many of the world's top-class car manufacturers.
    SHOUJU not only the technology has won the respect of customers, but also more professional and dedicated services won customers’ trust. SHOUJU has a strong engineering services team, every project engineer and sales engineer has extensive experience in bilingual talents, and communicate with customers unaffectedly.
    In the history of SHOUJU, we put emphasis on corporate social values and social responsibilities. In the Hope Primary School, natural disasters, and many other assistance, as well as environmental protections, SHOUJU will do our utmost to support.
    SHOUJU has been committed to the creation of school-based, family-oriented corporate culture. From the professional skills to the management capacity, each department has at least 4 hours or more internal and external professional training every month. Three years ago, which has the country's largest corporate training organizations, "Jucheng Training Company", as well as the famous "Action Successful Company” has established long-term training and cooperative relations.
    Over 20 years, SHOUJU always keep our mission “To create value for customers and employees“ .We believe you will let SHOUJU more brilliant than before after you join us.